Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Big Year for the Flies

This year Jason Drew expects to sell millions of mosquitoes. He is also banking on it being a big year for flies – literally.
Drew is an eco-capitalist, although not so long ago he was your typical corporate heavyweight: for 25 years he held leadership roles in companies such as the conglomerate General Electric,  health insurer Bupa and British online financial group Egg. Eventually he left the corporate world to start his own enterprises until, in 2008, he sold them all.
The heart attack that came that year didn’t stop Drew dead in his tracks, but the second one changed his life.
Born in the UK, Drew studied at the European Business School in London, Paris and Frankfurt and today lives on his farm in South Africa’s Tulbagh Valley. Once he had offloaded his “industrial revolution” businesses, Drew travelled the world and was shocked by the damage he saw wrought on the planet’s seas, fresh water and land ecosystems. 
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