Friday, 12 October 2012


Jason Drew, the self confessed ‘environmental capitalist’, investor and author will be speaking at ‘Creative Innovation’ in Melbourne on November 28th
and 29th , and will be in the country for other speaking engagements and interviews from November 23rd -6th December inclusive whilst also launching his new book: ‘The Story Of The Fly and How It Could Save the World’.

Jason gives a unique business leaders view of the environment - its challenges for companies and individuals, as well as an insight into some of the remarkable, inspirational and profitable green businesses he has started and invested in both in Africa and Europe.

 “Australia is a natural destination for me”, says Drew. “Diptera is one the largest orders of insects, consisting of at least 150 000 described and unidentified species worldwide, with an estimated 30 000 species in Australia, I can’t wait, he added.”

Jason is a serial, now green, entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of AgriProtein a business that uses flies to recycle slaughterhouse waste and produce protein for animal feeds. He has also invested in Oxitec – a business that sells 300 million sterile Mosquitoes a year, profitably replacing harmful pesticides. Through these and other fascinating businesses, Jason is able to share his unique insights into sustainable businesses designed for the 21st century.

Jason recently addressed ‘Sustain Our Africa’ in Cape Town and argued that Africa has come of age with land, water and minerals and will become the new battleground for world superpowers.  

 After Australia, Jason heads to London in January to address a conference in-conjunction with the John Lewis Partnership looking at how urbanisation is defining a new phase in human civilisation citing Cities, Humanity and civilisation in building a greener future.

Jason’s new book “The Story of the Fly and How It Could Save the World” was recently launched to rave reviews in London including BBC Radio 4 and The Observer and will be launched in Australia in November.

To keep abreast of Jason’s latest movements, videos, news and views he has launched a new website ( which also includes a regularly updated and newsy blog designed to focus readers on topical angles for the environment’ future.

If you would like the ‘planet motivator’, Jason Drew, to address one of your meetings whilst he is in Australia (Sydney or Melbourne) then please contact by email:

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