Friday, 31 August 2012

Kenya is full of opportunity, entrepreneuralism and change. Kenya is embracing and will lead East Africa in delivering green growth.

I saw some great green ventures there -  one of these worth mentioning is Sanergy -the makers of 'Fresh life' . Fresh life is a fascinating business delivering sanitation into Kenya's slums. Their business model consists of four parts: (i) building a network of low-cost sanitation centers in slums, (ii) distributing them through franchising to local entrepreneurs, (iii) collecting the waste produced, and (iv) processing it into electricity and fertilizer. At each step, this model creates jobs and opportunity while simultaneously addressing serious social needs.

The company uses the  builds and constructs 'separator' toilets which it sells to entrepreneurs in the slums.The Ecosan system used in the loo's  deposits the waste in air- tight containers. These separate containers of urine and faeces are collected on a daily basis by a waste collector using handcarts. 

These entrepreneurs then charge 5 Kenyan shillings to each user. The entrepreneur pays $100 a year to Sanergy to remove the waste that has been separated into solids and liquids-by virtue of the fact that they have to to loo's in one? The solid waste is dry compost and it is sold after 6 months for use in agriculture and gardens. The liquid waste is left in large containers for up to 3 months when the content is basically pure urea. Rich in nitrogen and phosphates. This liquid is then sold at $2 per litre to farmers who add it to their drip irrigation systems as a fertiliser. 

Sanergy is creating both a sustainable business for itself and sparking the creation of hundreds of entrepreneurs in a sustainable venture of their own. At the same time this combination of entrepreneurs is improving sanitation and consequently health for some of the poorest inhabitants of Kenya.

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