Thursday, 2 August 2012

About Jason J Drew

Globally boardrooms are being held to account for their sustainability, ethics and social contribution. On this growing and current corporate trend, Jason Drew is one of the ‘most engaging speakers’ of his generation. His insights into business, the environment and its future are remarkable. He is one of our most inspiring green business leaders.

Born in the UK, he went on to study at the European Business School in  London, Paris and Frankfurt. Jason held leadership roles for companies including General Electric, BUPA and Egg among others. Jason left the corporate world and started a series of highly successful companies until in 2008, in a major about u-turn, he sold all his ‘Industrial Revolution’ businesses. Since then, he has started and invested only in environmental businesses. He continues to apply his business strategies and ethics to his business alongside his avid passion for the sustainability of the environment.

A self-confessed ‘environmental capitalist’, Jason argues sustainability has to have an economic impact and moreover, an economic reward, if it is to strike a chord with a global audience and indeed, himself. He believes that whilst capitalism may have caused many of the issues we face - it may be the only tool we have that is strong enough to fix the problems.

Described by Leadership Magazine as one of ‘Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’, he is sharp, witty and above all an environmental realist, with a no-nonsense motivational approach. Jason is the published author of books, a successful public speaker and a ‘planet motivator’ for the future.

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